DEC 8 - 10

328 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 

Sometimes worlds can break. When a world breaks, we’re confronted with ugly truths and we're forced to rebuild. 

The years 2016 and 2017 were political, social, and cultural turning points for the Earth and its people. In these years, we unabashedly showed who we were, who we allowed and what we permitted. We showed that as the human race we were comfortable to act on misinformation and fear. We allowed governments, capitalism, and ignorance to oppress us until one day, it all stopped. The world as we knew it disappeared. 

We emerged to a new world. We were given a blank canvas, and the powers of endless imagination to rebuild planet Earth. Each of us assigned to re-construct and reimagine, each of us to create: NuTOPIA. 

World Money Gallery’s NuTOPIA exhibition showcases a new world. A parallel universe where there is cooperation over competition, where culture trumps capital, where there's no patriarchy, no white supremacy, no racism, and most importantly, there are no borders.