How We Loved You, How Many Winters Ago

How we loved you, how many winters ago consists of a series of photographs, paintings, drawings, and collages that follow a nostalgic theme of love and loss. Through these mediums, the artists have drawn inspiration from past moments in time, certain gestures, the curvature of a body, moments engrained within the heart, flesh, and mind. This exploration of a territory so familiar to most, has brought up the question, “where do we go from here?”   

Benny Schlepis: NYC Native. Painter and Urban Artist. 

Devin Dugan: Brooklyn based photographer. Dealing in themes of isolation and memory. Purchase College Alumni.

Edward Swanson: Bay Area born and based fine artist and tattooer. Swanson explores modern and archaic mythology and ritual. Pratt Institute alumni. 

Doug Battenhausen

Gio Scotti: Brooklyn based painter and sculptor. Pratt Institute alumni. 

Iliya Mirochnik

Isaiah Gulino

Javon Stroop

Jillian Frederick:  Los Angeles based mixed media artist. Otis College alumna.

Jose Delgado Zuniga

Kat Hooper: Bay Area native, NYC based artist and curator by way of Los Angeles. Hooper's paintings and installations are filtered through a keen sociological awareness and the innate realities of experiencing life with synesthesia. Otis College alumna. 

Kalyx Olivia: NYC Based transplant. Interdisciplinary Visual Artist. Kalyx's work focuses on themes of gracefully poised obscenities and chronicles the nature of specificities of our human existence through the lens of self exploration. 

Lexi Bella

Maggie Bard

Marissa Olney: Brooklyn based interdisciplinary visual artist and curator. Olney's body of work explores themes of interpersonal tension, adoration, mythology, introspective struggle, loss, and a blanketed connectivity through a universal schematic comprised of strands of energy. Pratt Institute alumna.

Michelle Lange: Los Angeles based mixed media artist. Otis College Alumna. 

Momar Clemons

Nora Krupitsky: NYC based native and photographer exploring themes of vulnerability and family life. S.V.A Alumni.

Omega Sirius Moon: Based Internationally acclaimed musician and visual artist. Sole practitioner at OSM Creative Suites. 

Richard Dempsey: NYC based painter. S.V.A. Alumni. Focused on human form and it's conceptual interactions with time, space, and mortality. 

Urian Muro: NYC and Los Angeles based; self taught visual artist. Muro's work is in conversation with symbology and the nature of dreams