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On Monday August 28th, World Money Gallery hosted Canadian artist Vincent Charlebois and Israeli artist Dan Allon for a night of live performance. The duo came together in New York City for the first time after both having participated in Sound Development City in 2016.

Vincent Charlebois’ research-based work integrates climate data with music and visualizations. Upon arriving from Montréal a few days prior to the performance, the artist had placed two meteorological cylinders inside and right outside the gallery, measuring temperature, oxygen level, noise, humidity, and the likes. His performance consisted of feeding this data into a synthesizer, creating electronic sounds that represent ‘What the weather sounds like’. In addition, Charlebois’ drew the graphs derived from his data directly on the gallery’s walls, ultimately creating a multi-layered weather report.

Dan Allon’s performance consisted of a live drawing that was projected alongside Charlebois’ data visualizations. The image he was using to draw on was very zoomed-in at first, which made it difficult to determine what he was drawing. Slowly the contours of a face became clear, a face that later turned out to belong to Donald Trump. Allon used the colors of the original picture to create figures and color patches, creating an almost pop-art-like version of the image.

Charlebois’ sounds had an underwater, transient feel to them, that at times intensified with drums and bass elements. This, in combination with Allon’s meticulous drawing, was mesmerizing, calming but simultaneously exciting, to watch. I felt myself wondering how the drawing related to the graphs on the wall - whether the stain on Trump’s eyebrow had the same shape as the increased humidity levels by accident or not. It was a beautiful way of technologically bringing together the shaping of our environment, be it the weather or our political climate.




For the first time in New York, Israeli artist Dan Allon and Canadian artist Vincent Charlebois will team up for a collaboration consisting of a performance evening at WORLD MONEY GALLERY. The performance will bring climate forecasting through computer drawing and weather data sonification.

Dan Allon (born in 1982) is an Israeli-born interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. He holds a postgraduate diploma in fine art from Hamidrasha Faculty of the arts, Beit Berl College (2014), and a Bachelor in visual communication from Shenkar College of design, engineering, and art (2009). His work spreads on various mediums, such as drawing, installation, live art, sound and graphic novels. In his work “he puts himself on stage,” using his own life a humorous base to create experiences and stories for the spectators, usually questioning the practice of art and social conventions. He regularly exhibits in Israel and Europe at museums, galleries, performance events and book fairs. In 2015, he published his sixth graphic novel, and he is a part of the comics collective Humdrum, which participated in Angoulême and Fumetto international festivals, among others. In addition, He is a part of the musical duo Satla Land and the performative duo Bad Research.

Website: http://www.danallon.com e-mail: danallon2011@gmail.com

Vincent Charlebois (born in 1986) is an interdisciplinary artist from Montréal. He holds a BFA in Intermedia/Cyber Arts from Concordia University and fabricates future forests in British-Colombia. His research-based practice constitutes an assemblage of disciplines such as performance, text, and media art. His work explores the poetry of the archive in informational environments and human-machine interactions in the context of dematerialized exchanges. He currently lives on the internet and works in the forest.

Website: http://vincentcharlebois.com e-mail: vincentcharlebois@gmail.com