“HELLO BADMIND”, a solo exhibition of paintings & works by Nicholas Gazin.

Nicholas Gazin is the authoritative voice on illustrative art and the murky, day-glow world of contemporary comics, somehow. The arts editor for Vice Magazine, from which he was once fired for excessive hugging, Nick's prolific reviews of drawn books and zines and curation of vice.comweekly comic page have forged a living compendium of the personalities and aesthetics that have made the last ten years visually bearable as a human on earth. His own art is a vision of a better present, a tender realm of warm, overlapping feelings and emotions in watercolor, pastel, and his own intoxicated blood, all given form by rich, inky boundaries and cool, rarely-punctuated phrases. 

Recently Nick has turned his energy to the art of hosting, attempting to transmute the humble Spaghetti Night into a 21st-century salon of artists, drug-dealers, musicians, and writers so far as his cramped, toy-stuffed apartment will allow. It's going all right, though he just moved it from Tuesdays to Wednesdays so god knows what's about to happen. He also DJs.