Peep Show

The Voyeur and the human gaze has been an incessant trope within the art; a relentless entity for centuries imbued under the oils of paintings, the silver of photographs, and the notes of music. Today, the concept of voyeurism has manifested itself within our daily lives with an inherent hunger to survey and obsess over the days and details of other individuals and in turn, the hope to be scoured with a reciprocated fervor. Peepshow is a body of work that observes and surveys this concept, the desire to see and to be seen.. Like foreign countries, each piece of work welcomes their viewers to explore and their lush and saturated landscapes.

Andrew Hendren

Benjamin Enzfelder

Devin Dugan

Doug Battenhausen

Frank Ape

Gio Scotti

Jarid Blue

Justin Brooks

Kat Hooper

Kalyx Olivia

Kila Lamadora

Mariana Carolina

Marissa Olney


Molly Flores

Omega Sirius Moon

Rebecca Kane


Tatiana Westin McCaw