After a year plagued with tragedy and turmoil, rocker turned painter David Craig Ellis rises from the ashes with his strongest show ever. Bringing Pop Art back to the sensibilities of the 80’s and the 90’s, Ellis, while suffering an extreme low point in life, happens to simultaneously be at the top of his creative and artistic game.

 From the streets of Toronto to a park bench in Washington Square, Ellis once again proves his resilience by surviving a year fraught with studio floods, an apartment fire, a car accident, insomnia and an eating disorder brought on by depression, a government audit, bankruptcy, a winter without heat or hot water and finally, eviction.

Forced to live partially out of his pickup truck, Ellis, a true optimist, shows his positivity by producing brilliant neo pop exressionism paintings, only this time pushing the envelope with an over the top sexually charged direction. (the show is restricted to adults over the age of 18) A real life extreme contrast is witnessed when comparing David’s most difficult year ever to the work that has come out of it- bright, colorful, alive, fun and engaging.

 The title of Ellis’ new show “Please Fuck Me” (an homage to the Legs McNeil book “Please Kill Me”) seems to have the artist begging for more punishment, especially by tempting fate with an opening reception planned for Friday the 13th. It’s as if Ellis is daring the universe to finally finish him off.

 Finished or not, Ellis, a survivor and a true artist, knows that when the going gets rough, what else is there to do but to crank out a series of incredible new oil paintings!